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Helen Mayorova - a couple of words from (about) the author

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

I am Helen Mayorova.

I am a journalist and photographer from Russia. My works include documentary films on arts and culture, art direction for commercials and BtoC projects but what I adore much is making strange things. It is not hard to create weird worlds but you need to make them interesting to a general public. That is the biggest challenge - to make others interested in things you are excited about.

Once I used to work for a very big government cultural organization in Russia - you know what they are: big bureaucratic institutions, yet the only ones who can accept and promote various events like festivals, street theater, exhibitions, etc. I was curating a stream of street festivities dedicated to the Victory Day in 2015 - we had over 100 spots around Moscow filled with performances, art-objects, installations and artworks on WW2 and the impact it had on the lives of others. This was a huge and amazing experience that enabled me to meet great people. I also contributed to the event with my own installation "Caravans of War".

My other projects include works for radio, TV and various newspapers and magazines.

One of my hidden passions is to create various things from polymer clay - from jewelry to small and peculiar objects of contemporary art.

But most of my time I am dedicated to personal projects and TRANSFORMED BY: is one of the most inspiring ones.

You can leave me a message by telling what you think of it.

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