How to write a great story for TRANSFORMED BY:

There are many PSB fans who want to take part in the TRANSFORMED BY: project but sometimes they do not know where to start and what to write. Here is a simple guide. 0. Look at the stories at our site for inspiration: 1. Think of ONE situation where Pet Shop Boys were an important element: you heard their song in the background while making an important decision? You found your love among other Petheads? You met interesting people thanks to Neil and Chris? Make this situation the basis of your story. 2. Describe all the circumstances around this situation: who were with you? What was the weather like? Where all this took place? 3. Add your age, city, country and occupation. 4. Add simple photo of a good quality with you and only you with no other people. We will covert the photo into black and white ourselves. 5. Send everything to

Do not be afraid of making mistakes - we will edit and correct your text.

That's it! You are done! And be sure your story is perfect!

IMPORTANT: try NOT TO WRITE about: - your favorite albums - it is obvious you have ones as you are a fan; - how you love and adore Pet Shop Boys - we all love them, that is why we are making this project; - how many times you have met Pet Shop Boys or seen their shows - unless it is the core of your story and something exciting happened because of this (i.e. you saw them performing, made a few pictures at the show and later on became a professional photographer - this is a true story, actually!).

Good luck with your fantastic and life-changing stories! We are waiting for them till 31 of July.