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Meet an artist: Helene Vasileva

Helene Vasileva. Photo by Gosha Gaevsky

At this stage of the project we would like to give you a more detailed insight into the TRANSFORMED BY: creators' life and work.

We start with Helene Vasileva, who is the main model for the artistic part of the project. She also makes head gear for the number of shoots.

Helene is an artist and photographer from Moscow. Her past collaborations include exhibitions and master-classes with the one of the most highly respected cultural organizations in Moscow, the German - Russia House.

Her creative illustrations have also been featured in magazines across Russia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Helene uses graphics, illustration, photography and painting to express her emotions. She is also a very crafty props and costumes designer.

Photo by Helen Mayorova, headgear by Helene Vasileva

Helene draws inspiration for her works from everyday life as well as special moments that catch her artistic eye. In addition, she finds other artists and musicians and their work to be especially inspirational, leading her to experiment with unique concepts, often combining different and sometimes seemingly unrelated styles to create art with a fresh perspective.

Photo by Helene Vasileva

Chaim Soutine and Gerhard Richter are among Helene's favourite artists. She has been listening to the Pet Shop Boys since 1996 but had heard them even earlier with "Go West" and "Can you forgive her?"and is fascinated with their ability to experiment with style and image. Helene lists Release, Behavior and Fundamental among her favourite albums.

Pet Shop Boys helped her to learn English as she translated their lyrics with a dictionary.

Helene is also a big fan of arts, fashion and literature and LGBT supporter. To see more works by Helene Vasileva you can visit her Instagram page or browse the gallery below.

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